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PVE5 Pressure Vessel Engineering and Heat Exchanger Design


PVE5 Pressure Vessel Engineering embodies the experience of the Whessoe Group in designing pressure vessels since the turn of the twentieth century and more recently the reactor vessels for the UK's power generation programme.

It performs design and compliance calculations in accordance with PD 5500, ASME VIII Div 1, or BS EN 13445. A database of material stresses for the first two codes is provided as an integral part of the package, and a similar database is under development for BS EN 13445.

Vessel Picture

Also available:

Nozzle Data

OVAL - a small application to perform code compliance calculations for out-of-roundness of cylindrical shells under external pressure (PD5500 Annex M).

FDA5 - flange design to ASME VIII Div.1 Appendix 2; or PD5500 3.5.8. The user is able to specify three design methods which require increasingly complete specification of data:

Also, the following types of calculation are available for completely specified flange

Heat Exchanger Tubesheet design (TSD5) and layout (TSL5).

TSD5 performs a design to either ASME VIII Div. 1 (New!), Part UHX, PD5500 or TEMA rules. TSD5 can either confirm an existing design or determine the required tubesheet thickness.

TSL5 performs tubesheet layout calculations, taking into account the number of tubes, the number of passes and pass arrangement, inlet and outlet nozzle dimension, etc.